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Update on kitchen progress

This blog chronicles my entire kitchen renovation from start to finish. Greentea Design has provided me with their solid wood kitchen cabinets, and I'm taking care of the rest.

If you'd like to be brought up to date, check out the archive in the sidebar for previous posts. I posted recently about more demolition and work begun by my contractor. Now for a bit more demolition (seems to never end) and some of the progress with the walls going back up and plumbing/electrical.

Work continues to progress in my kitchen. I am SO looking forward to finally having a kitchen again and being able to cook. I have never eaten so much pizza in my life and as much as I love pizza, I am tiring of it fast. But things are moving along, and as you would expect in a house of this age, unexpected work kept popping up (along with things I realized at the last minute needed to be fixed - and luckily my contractor is a patient guy). It seems the ceiling needed to be removed to allow the electrician to wire it for my potlights and pendants. The problem was it wasn't just drywall that needed to come down but more wood panelling, which is why it had to come down - he couldn't install the potlights in the panelling. And there was 100 years worth of dust and cobwebs that came down with it. It was TERRIBLE - such a huge mess, and the guys were covered in it when they were done. There was black dust all over the house. (In the left side of the photo below you can see alot of cobwebs - I think I took this after I vacuumed most of the beams).

The contractor discovered what we're thinking is horse hair in the ceiling (just a few chunks), which maybe 100 years ago was used for insulation??

And as a result of taking down the ceiling, the pile of garbage on my driveway grew to new heights.

The electrician was here in the evenings to get all the wiring for the lighting and outlets done, and I can't wait to see how that turns out once all the fixtures are in place. This house severely lacks decent lighting, and now I've got potlights all over, pendants and wall sconces to lighten things up.

This is the wiring done before the ceiling was re-drywalled.

This is the box to house one of my Tolomeo wall lights.

Here is the ceiling completed with the potlights wired up.

The plumber was figuring out where to put the pipes from the bathroom on the other side of the kitchen when we realized that because the corner where the 2 sets of base cabinets meet will be an empty space, he could put the pipes coming up in that space.

The walls are now all drywalled and need to be finished up.

My window has arrived and will be installed shortly. Today the hardwood is being installed and I've got to rush and paint the floors today/tonight in order for them to be good and dry by Friday when my cabinets arrive (and appliances on Saturday). More on the floors in an upcoming post.

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it's coming along so nicely! We plan on redoing our kitchen sometime (ie: when we can afford it) and I will definitely be bending your ear for advice!!
Thanks Liz! I would be happy to pass along what I've learned from this reno.

It's getting closer and closer to being finished and I'm getting soooo excited. Wait till y'all see the floors!
I grew up in a victorian home constantly in the process of being remodeled. Behind almost every wall there were slats of wood filled in with a sort of mortar/horse hair mixture. I've never seen just a clump of horse hair though...odd.
I wanna buy your house when you're ready to move. :)
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was a lot of work but worth it.
Peggy, you get first dibs.

Alot of work is right Jo. Got 3 hours sleep last night due to floor painting and cats howling because they were pissed off they had to be locked in the bedroom with me. Now I am grumpy, yet happy that I have made progress.
It's shocking how fast this is going though, you and your contractor are doing a great job organizing the labor. Often change orders will halt the work because the electrician/plumber/drywall/floor guy can't come back until Tuesday.
I can't wait to see the floors!
Things have been going pretty good. Luckily my contractor is also my floor laying guy and my my drywaller. His electrician friend comes by in the evenings, and his plumber came on one of the first days and got everything ready. I warned the contractor that my job needed to be top of his priority list because I had deadlines and was blogging about the process. Because of that and the fact that he went to high school with my younger sister and I can find out where he lives, he's been really great! (LOL)
I recognize that chunk of grossness! In remodeling my bathrooms, we found it in the walls, and I cringed. Except it was built in the early 60s, so I still don't understand why it was in there...eww. Good luck!
No, I think that hair might be Woolly Mammoth from the Pleistocene epoch. :)
At least you can sleep at night knowing that the inside of your kitchen ceiling is now spotless!
It's coming along great. How very exciting! And how very satisfying it must be to stand back at the end of the day (so freakin' tired/dirty I'm sure) but look at incredible accomplishment and improvement like that. Fantastic.
You'll soon be cooking!
Thanks Barbie!

Woolly mammoth - LOL!!! It's great to finally know the end is near. Satisfying indeed.
I feel your pain!

We did a complete gut/rehab on our house and didn't have a kitchen for over a year... Ack!
At least you didn't find the horsehair in your HVAC. I think you know what I mean. *meaningful look*


-- Janine
Jacqui and Craig - OVER A YEAR??? That would totally send me over the edge. It's been over a month and I'm losing it. I just had Wendy's for dinner for crissakes. BLEH

Janine, I consider myself lucky I did not come across the grossness that you experienced in your vents.
A little late in commenting here, but wow... that horse hair is hilarious and disgusting all at the same time! I can't imagine if that fell out of my ceiling!

I can't wait to see the cabinets; I can only imagine how excited you are to have this coming together!
Courtney, now that the cabinets are here and everything actually has started coming together, I am on cloud 9. I can't believe the transformation. Posts coming soon!
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