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Some finishing touches

This blog chronicles my entire kitchen renovation from start to finish. Greentea Design has provided me with their solid wood kitchen cabinets, and I'm taking care of the rest.

If you'd like to be brought up to date, check out the archive in the sidebar for previous posts. I posted recently about the countertop installation, and now for a few more completed items and some finishing touches.

The kitchen is SLOWLY finishing up, and since some readers have been asking where things are at I took some photos the other day around the space and my living room as well. But first I'll show some things that were finished lately. First up is the valance my contractor made to hide the under-cabinet lighting since the cabinets are basically flush underneath. He found wood with a grain and stain that perfectly matches the cabinets. I asked him to do it simple with squared edges and it blends so well.

Trim was installed along the base of the cabinets because my contractor made sure they were perfectly level and had to put some shims underneath in a few places which could be seen. I was unsure of how it would look at first but it's growing on me.

Then there is the hatch over the basement stairs. It's been painted, and a hole has been cut for all the cats to go down to the litter boxes. It was hilarious seeing them climb in and out once it was cut, checking it out.

I also got the contractor to completely frame out the box he built over the upper cabinets so it looked more finished and now that it's painted out it doesn't stand out so much.

My boyfriend (and I) were going to make a dining table out of wood that I would paint, but my contractor offered to do it since he had the proper tools and so far I've gotten the top and I'm still waiting for a base. He offered to build that too, and suggested a pedestal style which I think would be perfect to keep the space open. This is the table top placed on top of my marble side table I'm currently using as a makeshift dining table. (Check out the girth of Felix! I'm starting to worry at the rapid rate of his porkiness). And as some of you may notice, I bought a second Panton chair, and 2 more chairs which you'll see further in this post.

That's all the progress to date. The backsplash is being installed tomorrow, and the shocks to keep the hatch open will be installed this weekend. I've got to contact my contractor how's been MIA for a few days now but I'll forgive him due to the insane weather we've been having.

Now for some photos I took around the kitchen and living room. Most of what you see are existing pieces I had and I'm sure this setup will change weekly. I'm thinking about a piece of art on the wall to the right of the stove, or maybe a couple stainless Ikea shelves, but I'm leaning more towards art. My living room needs alot of work to get it meshing with the kitchen but funds are dwindling so I may have to be VERY creative in there. The yellow chair for sure needs to either go upstairs or get a coat of black gloss. That's just a couple of my ideas...

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*Contented sigh* I just love this blog so much, I dunno what I'm gonna do when it's done and I don't have updates to look forward to!
The kitchen looks like my dream kitchen, seriously. Everything from the glorious cabinets to the countertop and floors and chic lightning and appliances!!! I love all those chairs you've got in the kitchen. And now that you've added the pots and vases it's looking so much homier!! And that little cat food corner is to die for!! I wish my dining area looked as nice as theirs ;)
I'm sure you'll figure out what to do with the living room, you don't need to splurge to make it look great - all you need is a bit of inspiration. I know this blog that can give you some ideas... You might have heard of it, it's called desiretoinspire... :P
Anyways, good job and from a Montrealer who understands what you're going through, good luck with the weather. 6 months 'til summer!
Omigosh. Your place is taking on a new level of sophistication. Just gorgeous. That kitchen is divine. Makes me want to cook - and that is a miracle.

I so adore your accessories - it's been so fun watching you buy them and now seeing them in place. Love the teapots on top of the cupboard, also love the baskets. Everywhere I look there is something beautiful. Love that you are balancing the look in an uncluttered way.

Thanks for sharing!
WOW!!!! Kim your kitchen is turning out amazingly drooooool worthy! It looks just fabulous!

And where did you get that rug in the kitchen? Love it!
I absolutely love what you've done! Also, it made me laugh out loud that in the last photo of your living room there is a cat on each piece of furniture. (This is coming from a huge cat lover, who loves her cats dearly). I also love how they sneak in to many of your photos. They really make your beautiful house a cozy home. :-)
Kim it's all gorgeous!
ps where are the pendant lights in your kitchen from?
Thank you Sam! I've heard of that blog and I will for sure be using it for inspiration! LOL

Thank you Peggy!!

Porcelain, the rug I got at an antique market here. It is one of my fav things - nice and thick so it stays in place and it's warm and the colours are so beautiful. And it was half price. :)

Thanks anon! WIth 6 cats in such a small house, there's no point in trying to shoo them out of photos. And they're all so damn cute why would I?
Thanks neece! The pendants I found at a local shop called Crawford Alexander.
Very clever way to get litter boxes out of sight. It looks comfortable yet sophisticated. Anxious to see the finished table. So far, outstanding!
All the Desire to Inspire experience is paying off. I think your kitchen design is really unique, and its definitely a success. I like how your contractor made toe kicks and framing to hide the under cabinet lighting -- he did a good job. Your swing arm task lighting lamps are CRAZY. CRAZY. CRAZY!!!

I also notice that you didn't opt for a red kitchen floor (crazy) but clearly you regretted your decision NOT to paint the floor red, and felt compelled -- YES! COMPELLED! -- to put down a red kilim. I imagine you tossing in bed, late at night, saying to the cats as they FLY off the bed "is it too late to paint the floor red?!?" and then finally, after many sleepless nights...

... you throw down the red rug and finally find peace.

-- Janine
I's been so much fun watching your kitchen come together...and it's fabulous! The cabinets look great. They put trim around the bottom of ours too to hide the shims. Love your light fixtures too!
Can you come to my place (when I buy it) and do my kitchen (and probably a bathroom as well)? :):):)
Thanks L! Taking down the wall that held the door to the basement was the best idea EVER. And when it became a hatch door we realized a hole was crucial for kitty access. Worked out so well.

Janine, I am leaving the red floor idea up you. :) And my rug is PINK not RED. Or so I like to think. But it's funny how I ended up with so much red in the space when I hate red. Since they're deep reds it makes it ok in my head I guess.

Thanks pedalpower!

And Jo, maybe when you buy a place I'll feel more compelled to save the trillion dollars it will cost me for a place ticket to come help you with it. It's really no fair that I have yet to meet you. :(
Kim. I discovered your blog and flickr stream soon after you bought your new house. Watching it evolve and come together has been fun and inspiring. Because of you I bought an original wooden star clock from the sixties off ebay and lots of other midcentury stuff I love tunning in everyday too see what is new at your house. I love the glimpse of blue in the office that you can see in one of the photos. It makes me want to go in there. In fact I should just come to Ottawa and see it in person. Don't worry I won't be comming anytime soon.
Great that you are almost at the end of the tunnel. How much did it all cost if you dont mind my asking?
Ok yes you still have lots of work to do to blend the design. Too much pattern/ color in your 'one room' kitchen/living room. Your kitchen is rich with design and workmanship so tone it down in catroom there. Looks gaudy frathouse/ chintzy flea marketish when your cabinets are so classy and chic. Sorry. Just what Colin & Justin or Steven & Chris would say.
It will come together. Have faith.
It keeps getting better and better. I'm so glad you went with the grey floor, all those warm wood and red tones contrast beautifully. The cat hatch is so cool! I wish we had a basement :(
Melanie, next time you're on this side of the country do stop by! And I'll do the same if I ever get out west. I'll come visit your amazing cabin. You inspire me sell this house and move to the boonies. :)

T-R, my cost for everything but the cabinets is going to be about $20K I'd say. Thank you for your thoughts on the living room. I am going for boho moroccan so it will probably have lots of patterns and colours but I will have to tone it down a tad. Like the yellow chair. It's driving me crazy. Hard to spray paint when it's -25 outside though.

Brandy, I am so SO happy I went with grey floors too. And basements are heaven for cat people. Especially ones with cat hatches.
I too adore the cat door in the hatch, and was highly amused by the kitties all over the place in the pictures.

I'm almost sad that the project is entering the final lap (means lots more work for me to do again as well).

The cat food corner is spectacular! I couldn't do that with my cats though, they love knocking over stuff, particularly when it has food in it. One of them likes to lay on her side while she eats and slowly scoop food out of the bowl and then eat it.
*clutches heart*

YOU HATE RED? It's the most flattering colour evar!

*dies of horror*

Still - one of us has a famous style/home decor blog and the other one DOESN'T, so who am I to have a mock heart attack and die of horror?

-- Janine
I'm almost sad too Mike that this journey is coming to and end. It's been so much fun and I've loved hearing everyone's opinions. The cat food corner needs to be de-vintagized to go with the vibe in the kitchen. That worked with the pink kitchen, now not as much. Those glass dishes are heavy so they can't knock them down easily. I used to have a cat that would push the food one morsel at a time onto the floor then eat it. He didn't lay down while doing it though so kudos to your cat for conserving energy! LOL

Janine, I think I hate red because I never wear it as it looks icky on me. So I tend to stay away from it anywhere. But that's not totally true. I have my chinese red spray painted wicker chair too. Famous?? LOL! I think all our readers should go check out YOUR BLOG and see how much fun it is to see you go through home reno/deco heaven/hell. :)
Felix is quite a handsome guy. I like his porkiness. The kitchen's not bad either...
what a beautiful and one of a kind kitchen!!! love the caesar stone/quartz on the counter and i agree with u about painting the chair in the lvin room.
u did an amazing job!
Thanks (I think) Anon and Song of Style!
Kim, it looks amazing. It is so warm and inviting and certainly looks like the type of kitchen where guests will love to linger! What an incredible reno.

Also, I love the photo of your cat checking out the hatch; it is hilariously cute. I can only imagine having watched them explore in person!
Thanks Courtney! I can't wait to have guests come hang out in my kitchen. And the cats still crack me up popping in and out of that hole!
Awww, you didn't have to go and link to my blog. (Or should I say BLAG, because I'm suffering from some LAG). I'm just a humble blogger, telling her story with her boyfriend throwing in comments from the sidelines, with a URL that's registered with Google.

Anyway, look, Desire To Inspire is totally famous. I'm not making it up. Apartment Therapy is practically stalking you, you're on everyone's blog roll... basically, the way I see it, you're Internet Famous. Just... not in the Chocolate Rain way.

Or in the Two Girls, One Cup way. Which is just WRONG. So very, very WRONG.

-- Janine
Janine, making me blush, and then hurl when I googled your last comment. And your blog is great - I love seeing someone else with a house full of probs. :)
Oh no, you didn't know about that Kim? Ouch.

The use of "blag" reminds me of the online comic XKCD. The comment following reminds me of a great comic he does about the 2 girls one cup thing.

Its the kind of joke you either get right away and find really funny or completely miss it.
I love your cat dinner corner! So smart and beautiful design ideas, lovely!
Thank you Tiina!
Hi Kim!
You place should be featured in Living etc. We are huge fans.
Could you please let me know where you got the living room wallpaper from? I have been looking for a forest scene luck so far...
Thanks so much and congrats again!
Awww, thanks Zsu!

The living room wallpaper is actually a mural. I found it online here.
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