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Before and after

This blog chronicles my entire kitchen renovation from start to finish. Greentea Design has provided me with their solid wood kitchen cabinets, and I'm taking care of the rest.

If you'd like to be brought up to date, check out the archive in the sidebar for previous posts. I posted recently about how I've organized and made use of all the wonderful cabinetry, and now for some before and after photos.

I love seeing before and after photos or renovation and decoration projects. It's amazing to see the transformation and this way you really get an idea of the work involved. I haven't done that yet for my kitchen reno, so this post is dedicated to before and after photos.

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Absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the clean white counters with the deeper wood cabinets.
Thanks Nicole! I really wanted to keep the tiny space as light as possible and was determined to go with white counters. (Greentea said it's the first time they've seen white counters with their cabinets).
so beautiful! you did a wonderful job! shortening the height of the window to add a corner was such a nice change!
Thanks jacklyn! Shortening that window (and sealing up the door) meant having lots of space to run the cabinets, otherwise this layout would never have worked and anything else would not have fit this much cabinetry.
I love this, Kim! Such a unique space, and so infused with your distinct style of decor- this is what I call design! Fabulousness all around.
Thanks so much Sam!
Your kitchen has so much personality, Kim. It must be nice to have the natural light from the window over your sink now. I love the clean lines of the countertops and dining chairs paired with the details of the cabinets.

Thanks Kylie. I was a bit sad to have to shrink that window over the sink but it still lets in a decent amount of light and I love that the cats can sit on the deep ledge while I do dishes.
Those cabinets are sooo beautiful!! Your place looks amazing.
Thank you Carolina Eclectic!
What an upgrade!

Much more welcoming.

Thanks Helene!
You really had to shorten that window, I also liked that you combined the kitchen with the sitting room - it makes for a better lighter space.
Yo! What's the story with the countertops, chiquita?

-- Janine
Ottawa Emptor
Thanks Sue!

Janine, the story is don't go to Planet Granite, as they are the most disorganized business I have ever had to deal with. I FINALLY got to talk to someone (turns out the owner) after trying for 3 weeks and about 15 phone calls. I had to explain in detail what went on with my orders and what happened with the backsplash about 5 times, and in the end when I hung up the phone, I realized I still had no clue what was going on. I think I'm supposed to work with him to get this resolved, meaning I have to fork over more money to get a new backsplash. And if I understood correctly, I have to wait around until someone orders quartz from them, which hardly ever happens. So that's the story. I am thoroughly irritated.
i am so in love with your kitchen, the before and afters are amazing, thanks so much for letting us watch the whole process, warts and all. It's been educational, and inspiring!

i just watched the hatch opening, you and felix should definitely moonlight at a boat show ;)
LOL - thanks Brandy! Felix and I should take our show on the road. Lord knows I could use the spare cash to fund more renos in my house.
Yo, Kim, you've been shafted by Planet Granite! Have you considered getting a second opinion from someone else who sells quartz countertops? I mean, let's assume that the quartz countertops at Planet Granite are also by a manufacturer that also delivers to another store: find that store and quiz them. Is it ACTUALLY possible to get a proper backsplash delivered without having to wait for someone else to order a counter top like yours?

And after that, I would say go to the manufacturer. Tell them that Planet Granite has royally shafted you. You know this technique: it's called "I'm gonna tell MOM". So go tell Mom, get Planet Granite in trouble with their suppliers, and then let them know that you've blogged it all.

Also, you can tell them that word is spreading like venereal disease. Other Unnamed Bloggers have picked up the story and are Sharing It Around.

OK, so, it'll be ME, but like... people read MY blog! Of course they do! It's on the internet. Nothing on the internet is hidden.

-- Janine
Ottawa Emptor

-- Janine
Janine, I don't really have the energy to deal with this issue besides waiting around to see what Planet Granite is going to do, or not do. I'm going to go over to check out your post, which I appreciate, because I feel bad telling people what great service I received from them. In the end that is crap. And I don't like spewing crap.
Your kitchen remodel is fantastic! I dunno how you kept the cats out of the photos. I really love the big table right in the center of things with the rug, the orange, the pendant lights...gorgeous. The before pictures show it as such a strange little kitchen, with those funny elevated doors (pantry?). It took a lot of vision to see past it all. Oh and love the mural photo in the living room!
Thanks Kate! I do spot Felix in the 4th photo. I'm kind of surprised the cats aren't in these more. The "pantry" is elevated because there is a furnace vent in the floor underneath it, and I guess this was the former owner/idiot's way of not covering it.
Aha! spot the cat! I think I see the dark one (is it Mimin?) in the thirteenth...
Good eye! That would be Mimin.
Beautiful kitchen, such an amazing an inspiring change...but I must confess : my eye was actually catch by that woodland mural in the living. I must know everything about it! please!
Thank you emilie! The mural I bought here: It was a pain in the a** to put up because it wasn't pre-pasted, and went on kind of bubbly, but it was worth it.
emilie - here's a link to a better view of the mural
i'm in love. Thank you
Kim, thank you for sharing your kitchen remodel. It must be exciting to have it finished. Your new kitchen looks great! We're going to be gutting our kitchen out later this year. I've been looking for inspiration.

I also love the mural in the living room.
Thanks Tina! It is beyond exciting having such a gorgeous kitchen. I'm always cooking, and I even love cleaning up afterwards! It's fantastic - you'll see what I mean when your kitchen reno is complete. :)
I love the contrast with the counter top and the cabinets in your last photo there. Very rich and stylish.
Hi Kim
What a beautiful kitchen remodel.
Kindest Regards
Thanks KM and Patricia!
WOW - so beautiful! there is so much to love: the cabinets, gorgeous. the pendant lights - fabulous. the table - divine. the painted floor - my favorite :)

congratulations and use it in good health!!!!!! You should be so proud.
Thanks Joni! I've got to say that I am proud, as I never imagined it would turn out even better than I hoped for. (Have you painted your floors yet?)
The cabinets are phenomenal!
looks so greta, kim! and i have white floor envy!! i want those so badly! wonderful job!
that would be 'great' - i can't tell you how many times I type greta, and people are like, 'who's greta?' :)
Thank you Justine and Victoria! (The floors are actually grey, not white - you can see the difference in the shot that shows my office at the back, whose floors are painted white).

Greta. LOL. Mine is just = jsut.
Where did you get your hood fan from. I have been looking for one just like that but have not found exactly what I want.
Ryan it's the Valencia, by AirKing. I bought it at a local appliance store.
Re Planet Granite. They have horrible service. There were months and months of phone calls with promises to call me back. Never happened. I am warning everyone to stay away.
WOW, Kim, I had not seen this! you have THE dream kitchen. IT is absolutely gorgeous, I love the simpleness of it and the clean lines, the white counters, the cabinets, the tiny drawers, the colors... its just so chic and functional at the same time! amazing...
:-) Thanks so much Nuit! It is my dream kitchen. It's been completed for several months now and I STILL cannot believe this is my kitchen.

I love you choice of rug and white details on the dining table. Where did you purchase these?

Thanks! The kilim is from the Ottawa Antique Market and if you mean the white ginger pot and candlestick holders on the table in one of my latest posts, I got them at Homesense.
I'm seeing this post for the first time and I'm sooooo impressed! You did a fabulous job with this kitchen. I love how everything looks like furniture and how organized you are with all of the drawers. You've used every bit of space so well. I was just wondering though do you have a dishwasher? With the kitchen mess my family makes I'd be lost without one.
Thank you! I decided to forgo a dishwasher in lieu of extra cabinet space, which is much more important to me. I live alone so there aren't too many dishes to wash.
I can't tell you how genius it was to mix the classic modern chairs! I didn't know they weren't all panton chairs until I saw the close up. Love it!
Thanks Rae!!
You guys have done excellent work!

I'd love to do similar project; it's hard to get this splendid design idea to everyone; everyone likes traditional or too modern...This--that is your kitchen--is something new, traditions and contemporary!

Again, good job! This is amazing!

Thanks for sharing with us.

Jake @PaloArte
Kim - Love your trap door design! I just bought my first house and it's super tiny! We're re-designing my trap door to my basement and I came across your photos. What kind of gas springs did you use and where did you get them? Do you remember the geometry that you used to install them? Any info you can provide would be great - I'll share pictures when I'm done if you'd like! Thanks! Liz
Hi Elizabeth,
Kim asked me to reply to your questions (I am her boyfriend and I bought and installed the shocks). I bought the shocks at Action Van and Truck world in Ottawa ( The shocks I bought were the ones that would be used on a fiberglass cover for a truck. These shocks are good because you don't need a latch for keeping it closed or open because of the way they work. I was able to get ones that I could attach to wood so the installation was easy (they had L brackets at either end). The door weighed about 50 lbs I think, but each of the shocks could hold 60 lbs so I wasn't concerned about the weight. I mounted them when they were in the extended position as far forward as possible so they wouldn't bend the rod. Kim got an email from someone just a little while ago that said I had installed them upside down, that the large end of the shock should go on the top so the oil doesn't leak out of the seal and the shocks will last longer. I am going to try switching them around at some point. We also had the hatch made out of cedar to keep the weight down. Hope this answers your questions, any other questions feel free to ask.

Hi: Your kitchen is really beautiful. Would you please tell me where you got the pendant lights? I love them!!
Thanks Anon. Detials of the pendants are here.
wow your countertops look great what kind of Quartz is it? Caeserstone or Silestone?
Serg, I think the countertop is HanStone.
First and foremost, I want to congratulate you for this wonderful post. The designs were all great! I've seen the kitchen with carpet under a table. Is that advisable since it's prone to getting soiled?
The only time my carpet gets soiled is when one of my 7 cats barfs on it. (It helps that I have no children - if I did there is no way I'd have an antique kilim under the table).
Hi! It looks nice. Only the color of the walls does not match the mood of the kitchen. I love white myself, but I think in fusion/asian style it is out of place.
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Gret work!! Your unique style inspires me to go outside of the box for my next home project. Zack Fuelling
Hi, your kitchen is really beautiful, great job, keep it up!
Keep sharing more and more.
wow -- so inspiring!! my kitchen is in desperate need of a complete overhaul... this blog has given me so many ideas... you did a beautiful job. :^)
Thanks for sharing we have just begun to rework our kitchen into our dreams and I love your kitchen!
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