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My dream kitchen

This blog chronicles my entire kitchen renovation from start to finish. Greentea Design has provided me with their solid wood kitchen cabinets, and I'm taking care of the rest.

If you'd like to be brought up to date, check out the archive in the sidebar for previous posts. I posted recently some before and after photos, and for this final post I'd like to share some photos I took for Greentea, the interview they have added to their website about my renovation, and a video tour of the kitchen.

My kitchen is complete, and I am ecstatic at the result. I can finally say that I have my dream kitchen. It is beyond my expectations, and every time I walk through my front door and see it, I can't help but smile. I am never going to want to sell this house. I can't imagine leaving this kitchen behind. I'd like to take this opportunity to again thank the folks at Greentea Design. They made this dream come true for me, and I am so grateful (and shocked) that they agreed to this partnership. It was alot of fun and hard work (on both our parts) and they were so patient and helpful throughout the whole process. I hope I can get in a trip to Toronto sometime soon so I can finally meet them and see their showroom. So thank you Greentea Design - you guys ROCK and I'm so proud to have a Greentea kitchen.

To start this post off, I wanted to invite you to check out the interview Greentea did with me that is now published on their website. They've divided it into 3 parts - Planning, Demolition and Installation, and the Finished Kitchen. What an honour to have my renovation featured on their main page. Here are some photos they've included in the interview.

I took some photos not too long ago for Greentea that really showcase the cabinetry so I thought I'd share some of them. (For the purpose of getting decent shots of the cabinets, the dining table and chairs were pushed into the living room).

And last but not least, a video tour of my kitchen. I really do not like seeing myself on camera (I can't even bare to watch the whole clip), but I agreed to do this for Greentea. Pay no attention to the cats meowing and interrupting me, then jumping up onto the counter, and subsequently leaving a trail of footprints along the range. (GRRRRR)

Thanks to all those who have followed along in this process. It's been quite an adventure, and I'm glad I had this opportunity to share it. I hope my mistakes and advice help those also venturing into the treacherous but exciting land of kitchen renovations.

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Hi Kim!

I had a great time working on the project with you. It was amazing to watch it all unfold.

It wasn't an easy decision to go ahead with the project - Greentea has done a lot of advertising online but never before anything as ambitious as this was.

I have to say I think it was a great success. I particularly enjoyed doing the final Sketchup and then seeing how close it was to what the kitchen turned out looking like.

Mike from Greentea Design
I've really enjoyed watching this room progress! It looks fabulous. Wishing I wasn't in a rental right now ...

I have to tell you that my kitty jumped in my lap while I was watching your video, and loved watching your little ones on film. :-)
I did my kitchen renovation at almost the same time as you did yours. (You might remember me -- I emailed you to ask for inspiration about window seats. It's been built and is so cosy.) I was relieved to read your progress reports and see the pictures of things happening. It gave me courage. Mine is finally finished, too, and I love it as much as you love yours.. But mine is so TOTALLY different from yours. What a hoot! My cats jumped up and stared at the screen when they heard yours vocalize. I love that!
Congrats Kim, Greentea and Mike! I'm insanely jealous. It's a gorgeous and unique kitchen.

P.S. I always crack up when I see a video of you :P
Mike, you were absolute pleasure to deal with throughout all this.

Christina, i don't like locking the cats up since they lose their minds so I was hoping they'd chillax during the filming. I was wrong. Glad your cat enjoyed it. LOL

Alice Jane E - I am curious to know hwo your window seat turned out, and the kitchen for that matter. Send us photos!!!

Thanks Jo!!!!!! And you are SO going to do a video of yourself so I can get the same amusement as you get from mine. :):):)
Congrats to all that designed it - the kitchen turned out gorgeous!
Hi Kim, I am in the process to renovate my kitchen and I really like your refrigerator. Would you mind sharing with me the name brand? I am having the hardest time finding a counter deep refrigerator that is not over 5K.


Wow... that cabinetry is *gorgeous*. That is also *my* dream kitchen, and you have amazing taste. Thanks for sharing all of the pictures.
Thanks Michelle! (The designer would be moi, with Jo's advice). Thanks kimberly!

Elena, the fridge is by Australian brand Fisher & Paykel. It is 17.2 (around there) cubic ft and was only $2000 CDN. I LOOOOOOVE it. Also to note, the sides of it are in a greyish/steel so if the sides are exposed mine are, you get a finished look as opposed to most that have the ugly black plastic sides.
Oh you know I had to watch the video if only to see the cats in action and when you said you could hear the meows, I got so excited. Yes, I truly NEED to get a pet!
I just love the "Asian flavour" of your kitchen. This looks more like fine furniture than kitchen cabinets. Perfect for an open plan like yours. That pantry is fabulous!
Isaspacey - LOL! You need a cat in your life. Trust me.

ZenDotStudio - the cabinets really are furniture as they are free-standing. Which means I could easily take them with me to my next house (at least the pantry anyway).
Greentea Design is one of my favorite stores in Toronto. I so badly want the long dining table and benches but don't have room for it. It would take me ages to remember what's inside every single little drawer. Great job!
mvastudios, I had considered getting Greentea's long narrow dining table and benches too (LOVE!!) but I already had a Panton and 2 tulip chairs I wanted to use (no other place for them) and I like to mix up styles, so that furniture would have been too predictable.
I DON'T LIKE IT...THERE IS something about a modern contemperary mixed with a sort of shaker look and a very outdated mission style thrown in. Just do not compliment eachother at all.
Anon, I SOOOOO do not get where you see shaker/mission in these Asian cabinets.
Kim, I must admit that looking at your incredible kitchen remodel is like home decor porn! One of the things I would love most to do in our home is remodel our 1954 kitchen! We have replaced old cheap linoleum flooring with slate and have a new stainless steel fridge but that's about it. One day!!!!!!

P.S. I love your cats!
Aw, thanks C.!
They did a great job of the kitchen ! I love your choice of doors a little out of the ordinary.
What a great job on the kitchen. The cabinets are fabulous and I love the stainless steel appliances and hood. Thanks for the tour! :)

I love the dining table, chairs and the lights too. Thanks for the detailed before and after pics, very inspirational!

It's a beautiful transformation! WOW! :)
Great! I suppose you organized not only your kitchen but your life as well?
Geez!!!!!!!! i love your new kitchen! Everything is so tastefully done! OMG!!! I will love to have one like yours soon!
What an AMAZING transformation! I loved seeing the before .. and .. oooh so beautiful after photos!!!!
Thanks to your kitchen I convinced my husband to buy an apartment. We are so excited. Thanks for the inspiration :)
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